Apple II High-Speed SCSI Card + Apple IIGS (2gs) + AppleCD 300e-Plus CDROM Drive


Up for sale is our upgraded Apple IIGS (2gs) system which includes:Apple IIGS SystemApple IIGS Memory Expansion Card (Total RAM = 1.25 MB)Apple II High-Speed SCSI Card (Apple 820-0153-A)AppleCD 300e Plus SCSI CDROM Drive (Apple M2918)DB-25 to 50-pin Centronics SCSI Cable50-pin Centronics SCSI TerminatorAs you may have seen in the photos, the system booted directly from the Golden Orchard* Apple IIGS CD. In addition to having the Apple II High-Speed SCSI Card boot from the CDROM drive, other peripherals (external SCSI hard drive and a 100 MB SCSI Zip Drive) were also used to confirm the functionality of the SCSI card. The Apple IIGS built-in diagnostics test reported "System Good" and based on my experience with this machine, it's in great physical and operational shape. Please note that the monitor is not included. * The Golden Orchard is an HFS CD-Rom for the Apple II gs computer equipped with the Apple CD-Rom. It contains over 650 mb of the finest utilities and games for the Apple II gs computer. Reference:

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