Apple IIc Computer System. Original Box. Manuals Extras AppleWorks II c


The Apple IIcThis is an Apple IIc in perfect working order. Great home computer for the whole family. A real gem of a computer! snazzy and fun to use! Runs on 5 1/4 floppy disks. Computer and hardware show minor wear but would probably look brand new with a quick cleaning. Manuals all are in very good condition. Comes in original packaging (not in the best condition anymore, has tape marks and has torn in places) and has almost everything it originally came with. The only items that seem to be missing are the video cable to hook it up to a TV or monitor and the original software disks. As an added bonus to the Apple IIc you will also receive: AppleWorks! AppleWorks is a great office suit that can do word processing, data bases, and spreadsheets all in one easy to use application. What exactly am I bidding on??? Hardware:Apple IIcPower AdapterV.H.F. R.F. Modulator Switch BoxCH Products brand joystick Manuals and other printed material for the Apple IIc:Apple IIc Imagewriter User's Manual (Imagewriter NOT included)Apple presents the Apple IIc, An interactive owners guideSetting up your Apple IIcSystem UtilitiesMonitor IIc (No monitor included)They've got us covered (ads for magazines that the user may have wanted to subscribe to)Warranty registration cardHardware registration cardMonitor IIc Stand installation Instructions Apple Works For the Apple IIc & IIe:Reference ManualTutorial ManualQuick Reference Card3 Disks:Apple Presents AppleWorks (Sides 1 & 2) AppleWorks Start Up(side 1) / Apple Works Program(Side 2)AppleWorks Sample FilesPlease Note: Anything that is not in this description is not included. Please see all four pictures. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Now it's time to GET YOUR BID ON!

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