ATARI 1040 ST FM computer with MIDI software & games


This is an ATARI 1040STFM computer from late1987. The disk drive works perfectly. I used this computer for sequencing synthesizers with it's many useful MIDI sequencers and programs. Here is what is included: Hardware included: -1040STFM computer -Color Monitor -all plugs and cables -hard plastic disk holder Software included: MIDI software: - EditTrack II - Master Tracks Pro - Band In A Box (ver.4) - GenPatch ST Music Software: - Practical Music Theory Volume 1-3 (6 disk) Games: -Parasol Stars ART/painting programs: -The Advanced OCP ART Studio Image Scanning: - IMG Scan Others: -8 blank formatted ATARI ST DISK! For MIDI sequencing, the ATARI ST remains the best option without having to use the newer complicated programs on new machines with slow and abysmal operating systems. The computer and all software work perfectly. The screen is very bright and clear, it doesn't take good pictures, but looks PERFECT in person. I am in the process of moving and do not have the room to bring my ATARI ST with me, so I must sell it. Shipping will be $35 and I will ship out as soon as payment is received. I will NOT end the auction early, so please do not ask. Serious bidders ONLY. Buyer must pay with paypal within 5 days of winning the auction. Local pickup is both welcomed and encouraged! Email me any questions you may have about the computer. Thanks for looking!

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