Atari Mega 4 – ST4… NO RESERVE

Extremely RARE!!!


This is an AMAZING Machine!! I myself have never plugged it in and played it. But i have heard nothing but great things about the Atari Mega 4 and how rare it is to find. I have done lots of online investigating and in store investigating to find that the Atari Mega 4 is also one of the hardest vintage computers to find. And its value is and collectivity is through the roof. I hate to part with such a great machine but i must. So make this great piece of history and rare collectable yours.. I used pictures i have found online due to the fact that i am unable to find my camera at the moment. But the unit i have looks exactly what you see pictured there and is also is the same condition as well.. It looks PERFECT. I am unsure if this machine works so i am selling it AS IS!! And i want to make sure you know that i personally can not guarantee it is in working condition. My uncle gave this to me as well and he told me it worked perfectly that last time he used it approx 2yrs ago. He has not used it since and it has just been sitting in a spare room at his house on a unused computer desk since. So this could fire right up with no problem. But i can not guarantee that it will.. I just want to be honest with you all =) Also comes with Keyboard and Mouse.. supreme supremewidgets Create Widget or customize colors. supremeauctiononlinesoftware.widgets.GalleryBasicFree.swf

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