Supra 500XP Hard Drive/RAM/SCSI Interface for Amiga 500


Supra 500XP 20MB Hard Drive/RAM Expansion/SCSI Interface for the Commodore Amiga 500 This 500XP was purchased new in 1991, along with the A500 in my companion listing (see item 270802718107). It has the original Seagate 20MB drive, loaded with Workbench 1.3 and other software (see screen shots). The hard drive spins up on power-on with an appealing "police siren" effect. The unit includes a SCSI hard drive mount, SCSI external interface, and RAM expansion capability, up to 8MB. Note no RAM is included in this auction. The unit takes power from the A500 it is attached to, but provision is made for an external, Amiga-type supply if necessary. Shortly after I bought it, I received an update letter and ROM from Supra, as well as new software disks and manuals. This auction includes: Hardware: Supra 500XP with Seagate 20MB SCSI drive installed, configured as device 0, with updated ROM installed original ROM and update letter Software: All of the original Supra disks: SupraBoot, SupraTools, and ExpressCopy, original and updated versions. Not all of the disks are readable. I have electronic copies of all the updated files, and will email them to the buyer upon request. The hard drive is divided into two 10MB partitions: DH0: and DH1: DH0: is bootable and contains Wokbench 1.3 files as well as a few other things, including the Supra software, Amiga Explorer, and CrossDOS. DH1: contains BaudBandit (a terminal program), A64, FusionPaint, KindWords, and a few other odds and ends. Manuals: The Supra 500XP Hardware manual with addendum SupraDrive manual (original and updated) ExpressCopy manual (original and updated) Bidders Please Note! In addition to the afore-mentioned auction: Commodore Amiga 500 Starter in Original Box, 2MB Chip RAM, item 270802718107, which ends 15 minutes before this one, I have three other companion auctions going, timed to end shortly after this one does. They are: CSA Mega-Midget Racer 25MHz 68030/FPU/2MB 32-bit RAM accelerator for A500 and A2000 OS3.1 Kickstart ROM for Amiga 500 and 2000 Home-made external SCSI drive box with power supply, two SCSI connectors, 168MB hard drive installed, plus extra 52MB drive, WB1.3 and other software Check 'em out! Shipping weight is 7 lbs. International buyers are welcome. All import fees and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

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